Tiny Rhymes

Teeny Tiny Rhymes for Folks Short on Time and Even This Title is Longer than the Poems is a collection of pocket-sized poems (now at 50!) for which I abided by just three rules, while creating them: They had to be really simple, they could be no longer than 3 or 4 lines, and they had to evoke a silly and entertaining visual image.  Here’s a few to chew on:

Nasty Sid,
the evil squid,
just up and ate
a little kid.

What is that splashing sound?


When a boar
hides in your drawer,
finding socks
is such a chore.

A spy
stole my pie.
I think I will cry.

Oh, shucks,
there are pucks
in the pockets of my tux.


Clever snake
knows how to bake,
his specialty
is beetle cake.
He's a culinary reptile!

Mmmmm beetle cake!


Pirate Pete
has peg-leg feet,
and tip-tap, tip-taps
down the street.


At my door,
a dinosaur
has come with groceries
from the store.


I have gotten
an orange that’s rotten.
It’s the worst
I’ve ever boughten.


It’s the ants
in my pants
that makes me do
this crazy dance!


the giant hen,
chased the fox
back to his den.


Just how
did that cow
do a pirouette,
just now?

Pirouetting Cow

Feeling floaty on her hooves

I went shloop!
as I slurped my soup,
and my noodle did
a loop-da-loop!


A star
in a jar,
doesn’t shine
very far.

It’s hard to twinkle in there