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Sometimes its good, healthy even, for a writer just starting out, to get smacked with a reality brick.  Recently, I just ‘finished’ my first early chapter book manuscript.  I have a wonderful writing teacher, Ruth Kozak whom has an impressive background in publishing and writing, so I asked her (for a fee) if she could edit it for me.  She went over the manuscript with a fine tooth comb and in addition wrote three pages of comments for me.  She did an awesome job but what an awakening for me!  What I thought of as an ‘almost there’ manuscript was actually a piece in need of many revisions.  While I will not make all the revisions suggested, I have some work to do.  Yes, my beginner’s writer ego may of taken a hit, but I am always grateful for the chance to learn something new.  Seeing my writing through an expert’s eyes offers me the window to do just that.

About Theresa

Theresa is an art teacher, freelance illustrator, painter, aspiring kids author, and a fledgling tap-dancer. She is the wife of a nice fella who cooks wonderful food for her and the mom of two young adults, a dog, and a cat.
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