Jeremy Steven’s Finger

Jeremy Steven is one of my darker characters.  He is a creepy  boy who likes to play with sharp objects.  How did Jeremy deal with the aftermath of his horrid accident with the kitchen blender?  Quite well, actually…perhaps a little too well.  Here are three evil verses from this cursed rhyme:

His love of things pointy drove his mom up the wall
and her warnings and time-outs hadn’t change him at all.
The axe, and the saw,
the needle, the nail.
Normal toys were ignored if they didn’t impale.

You can well imagine how pooped his mom was.
To deal with his badness was such a lost cause.
So we all could forgive her
for having a nap,
that one afternoon of her son’s sad mishap.

Jeremy searched as his fingers were itching
to find  sharp-ish things in the drawers of the kitchen.
While snooping through cupboards,
our little offender
yelled a cry of delight when he found the blender.