The Day Ms. Tuttle Tooted

Ms. Tuttle is an elementary school librarian, who prides herself in her perfectly ordered  library (and life).   She is so neat and perfect; no one could ever imagine that she could be capable of farting (especially her!).

One day, while reading to Mr. Cue’s class, Ms. Tuttle accidentally farted…loudly!

There was a dead silence in the room until the littlest student exclaimed:

“Wow! Ms. Tuttle tooted!”

Giggles soon followed.  Ms. Tuttle turned a deep red colour and then sprinted out of the room like a shot.

When Ms. Tuttle didn’t come back, Mr. Cue and the kids got worried.  They went to Principal Fraser to ask if she could help them find her.  So began the search for Ms. Tuttle.

The group all went down into the school basement.   In the darkness, they looked around boxes of supplies and dusty old desks.  They called out, imploring her to come back and finish the story.

Mr. Cue shouted, “It’s OK, Ms. Tuttle! Everybody toots once in a while!”

Ms. Tuttle, who had been hiding behind some Christmas pageant sets, climbed out the basement window and ran away.

Ms. Tuttle farts while reading a story!

Wow! Ms. Tuttle tooted!