Three Whale Summer

This young adult story was very well received by my teachers in my fiction class.  They encouraged me to continue to develop it and turn it into a novel, which I have endeavoured to do!  Three Whale Summer is a coming of age tale of nineteen year old Clara who comes to live on a native reserve on Vancouver Island for a summer.  When Clara discovers there is a graveyard right at her back door, she begins to wonder if she is imagining ghosts.

As Clara dried the last of the plates, she gazed out the kitchen window at the cemetery.  Twilight was setting in and the sky was turning into a water colour blend of blue and and pink.  That’s when she noticed the figure standing in the tall grass amongst the stones.  Heart racing, she dropped the dishcloth and walked slowly towards the back door.  She froze on the back door stoop.

“H-ello,” Clara said in a shaky whisper.

The woman, who had been looking down at the stones, looked up and smiled.  She was a native.  She was slim and wore a long skirt with a flower-print long sleeve blouse.  She had two long black braids and wore a wide-brimmed straw hat.  Her face was partially hidden but Clara could still see she had a soft youthful face under the shadow of the hat.

“Tell her it’s time to come home,” the woman said.

“Excuse me?”

“It’s a bad business and we worry.”

“Sorry, but who are you and wha-”

Suddenly a raucous squawking filled the graveyard.  Clara looked up to see a raven circling overhead.  It was that creepy bird again!

“Watch out for that raven!” Clara shouted.  But when she looked back down to where the woman stood, there was no one there.  She had vanished.