The Witch of Golden Acres

This is an excerpt from an early chapter book I am working on called, The Witch of Golden Acres. In this scene,  Ginger the witch has followed a class of students from a pumpkin patch field trip back to their classroom.  Ms. Allen mistakes Ginger for a performer though the kids (of course!) know better.  The witch proceeds to terrorize the classroom.  Two kids, Harry and Grace, try to help but it’s rather difficult when you’ve been shrunk down to the size of an action figure doll!

Everyone had spun around to gawp at the ugly little woman with the crooked broom.  The forcefully opened door had hit the wall so hard, it had splintered at the hinges and smashed the door window.

“W-why, hello…?” gasped the teacher.  She dropped the pumpkin knife, with a clatter, on the floor and was all red-faced again.

The witch stepped in the room and slammed the now rickety door behind her.  She cleared her throat and growled, “My name is Witch Ginger and…”

“…And you must be from Golden Acres!” interrupted Ms. Allen, now beaming, “How nice of you to come and visit our school.”  Ms. Allen then turned to the class and said, “Everyone, say welcome to Mrs. ‘Witch Ginger’ from the Golden Acres Farm!”

Everyone, say welcome to Mrs. ‘Witch Ginger’ from the Golden Acres Farm!