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Well, folks I went out and did it. I got my dream job teaching art to kids! No more background acting (it was fun but it soon wore me out). For the past five years, I’ve been teaching visual art part-time at Arts Umbrella, a non-profit art school in Metro Vancouver. It’s one of the main reasons I’ve neglected posting these past few years. I mean, I really got into the teaching! It’s awesome. For a while, I was teaching 7 classes in 5 different locations. Each class required a new lesson plan for each session; Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer. So I was busy both in the classroom and on my computer -and me the slowest keyboarder on the planet. Thank goodness for Pinterest!

However, I have since made the decision to cut back my work hours and am now working 3 days a week teaching 3 classes (and assisting one extra). I have been more than happy to offer up my former classes to my younger colleagues who not only have the energy to handle numerous classes but I know they could sure use the extra money.  So what have I been doing with my extra time? Well, I have been setting up my new studio in my garage for one. It’s actually the Studio Version .02 as it had been my studio many years ago, and then not my studio for about 4 years, and now it’s my studio again. It’s a long story.

Anyway, I am a happy camper as I now have a space where I can make a creative mess again. This includes: jewelry-making, painting, drawing, and parade float designing (will explain that one later!) I can also write out here without anyone bugging me. So here’s to more creative output this year. I guess I better also renew my SBWI membership again and join an illustrator group, pronto.

Me and my Vancouver Tap Society classmates on the night of my first tap recital! I am second from the left and the cute gal with the glasses is my daughter, Amanda.

I almost forgot, I also practice my tap-dancing in my studio. Yes, at the grand old age of 55, I took up tap dancing. I even performed in a tap recital last summer with the Vancouver Tap Society. Do what scares you the most, I say.

Anyway, I better move on with the best bit. I now have dozens of terrific art lessons and I’d like to share them with you! Many of the lessons are hand cobbled by yours truly and many are also inspired by or created by other wonderful art teachers & parents who generously share their lessons and ideas online. It goes without saying, that I will post the links to the sites of these creative art teachers & parents if a lesson has been perused from their site. I presently teach three age categories: Mom & Tot classes for ages 2-5, a 6-8 class (grades 1-3), and a 9-12 class (grades 4-7) so that’s how the projects will be organized on my site. Just click Kids Art Lessons on my banner to find them. I will try to share at least one or two lessons a week. This week, I have added a colourful George Littlechild Beautiful Horse project for the 6-8’s and a Claude Monet-inspired lesson for the 2-5’s. Please check them out!

I am so glad to be back! 🙂

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Theresa is an art teacher, freelance illustrator, painter, aspiring kids author, and a fledgling tap-dancer. She is the wife of a nice fella who cooks wonderful food for her and the mom of two young adults, a dog, and a cat.
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