Kids Book Illustrations:

My ‘kids’ style was recently developed to illustrate some of my own poems/stories/projects. My original (non-kid) illustration style was edgier. Though the edgy style would also work well for some kids books, I feel the ‘kids’  style would work for a larger age range and many types of kids stories/articles/poetry. 

Grace on the witch's broom

Edgier illustrations:
In the 80’s and 90’s I was active as a Pop Art painter and an underground cartoonist in Vancouver. I helped and create and collaborated on independent comics such as Spatter and New!.  I’ve had various artworks/cartoons published in Canada, US, and Europe in comics, magazines, weeklies, and books (Women’s Glib, The Crossing Press, 1994). My adult/edgier style illustrations would work for a wide range of illustration needs.
CITR T-Shirt design from the '80s
 Some messy sketches. Enjoy!
Scene from 'The Witch of Golden Acres' sketched on the set of TV show, 'Pysch'

Scene from ‘The Witch of Golden Acres’ sketched on the set of TV show, ‘Psych’