Art Lessons for Ages 6-8

I like to think of young artists as explorers. Discovering fun new ideas in art is a great way to engage kids. To this end, we look for  inspiration from a mash-up of influences; nature and its many animals and changing seasons, the modern masters like Van Gogh, Matisse, and Kandinsky, contemporary folk artists like Ted Harrison and Heather Galler, and lastly, dear to my heart, the art of picture book illustrators like Eric Carle and Marc Buehner. Picture books are not only most children’s first introduction to visual art, picture books are also often their first source of inspiration for creating art on their own (as was the case for me!). Hopefully, this serves to motivate students to tell their own story in their art projects. To me, while technique and process are important, what really drives the engine of creativity in kids is the imagination. During our explorations, we like to try our hand at a variety of drawing, painting, and printing, techniques and tools.